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Coin Operated Kiddie Ride Restorations


We are staying warm today wetsanding our carnival motorcycle with 3000 and 5000 grit sandpaper prior to our machine then hand polishing stay tuned for pictures of this one :)


We're in the booth today spraying a unique pearlescent basecoat over the tins on our carnival motorcycle project. Looking forward to getting back on our Kiddie Ride Rocket restoration soon


We are taking a break from our Deco project while we focus on a really great Carnival motorcycle restoration project


Things are progressing on our Deco project. Excited to see our new electronics package come together!


Having a fun day here at Ride Restorations, kind of junk yard day! We are going through the storage barns looking for Rocket kiddie ride parts for our next exciting project a Deco Space Ranger Restoration


We’re hard at work on another Coin Operated Rocket! This time another Meteor brand Space Ship.


We’re just finishing up a wonderful Sandy coin operated kiddie ride. It’s on the way to a great customer in Europe. We’re proud to offer shipping worldwide on all of our items.


Another pedal car restoration is getting underway here at ‘Ride Restorations’. This time it’s a vintage Kidillac.


The last few weeks we have been working on-&-off on a really exciting junior power car restoration! I can’t wait to show everyone the finished project.


We’ve been busy working on some exciting Pedal Car Restoration here in Illinois. Check back often to see some updated pictures on our Gallery pages.


A fun week ahead in the shop as we continue work on our atomic brand tug boat coin operated kiddie ride restoration!


We are back in the shop today after a picking trip in Minnesota. We came home with some great Coin Operated Horse kiddie ride. Also, today we are finishing up a special animated Lion ride for one of our favorite customers!


Are you looking for Kiddie Rides for sale? Ride Restorations is your source for everything coin operated rid Do you remember riding a Kiddie Ride Horse as a child? Relive your youth on a 'Ride Restorations' classic. Searching for an ultra rare Space Patrol, Atomic Jet, or other Kiddie Ride Rocket? Contact us to learn more about our kiddie ride for sale!


Things are starting to heat up at the shop. We are wrapping up our Chicago Coin 'Super Jet' coin operated kiddie ride restoration. Check back often for updates of all of the exciting ride restorations happening in the shop.


Excited for the new opportunity to restore another of the super rare 'Space Patrol' coin operated kiddie rides. We are your source for the rarest in kiddie ride rockets!


Today's Classic Kiddie Ride Tip; Paint finish cleaning and protection. The finish on your Kiddy Ride is the same you would find on a high end classic car. We prefer to use '303 Products Speed Detailer' frequently to keep the body clean. A 6mo- yearly hand detailing with a good quality carnauba wax will ensure a high gloss and easy cleaning. Eagle 1's Never Dull will help your the chrome on your antique carnival ride stay gleaming as well.


This week we are working on a super rare 'Hawkins' lion kiddie ride restoration that will be finish in 'Gilmore Gas' livery. Check back for photo's of this one!


We are excited to have finished our 'Star Wars' theme coin operated kiddie ride restoration. Also, just wrapped up a super cool Polly Gas Tow Truck theme Murray Pedal Car.


With our jr car project finished up we are focusing on a Sinclair Dino coin operated kiddie ride restoration. Also, work continues on a classic Atomic Tug Boat coin ride.


A fun day here in the shop as we continue work on a 'Sinclair Dino' coin operated kiddy ride restoration. Restoring newer rides can still be a challenge after many years of route use and on the spot repairs.


Today is kind of an exciting day! Back to work on a project that has been on the back burner for a while. An ultra rare 'Super Jet' that was manufactured by Chicago Coin is almost through the painting process then on to assembly. The Super Jet restoration is one of my favorites.


An exciting kiddie ride restoration is coming to fruition today... Our jr. power car is almost fully restored! We are excited to send this item to a prestigious collector car auction for an amazing customer. Visit our gallery @ to see more exciting carnival and tot rod restorations.


Today's exciting project at the shop is a Ferrari Jr. power car that. A lot more in depth than our usual pedal car restorations. We are rebuilding some of the fiberglass body before we tackle the mechanical components.


This weeks excitement in the shop has surrounded a 1953 Exhibit Supply 'Space Patrol Scout Ship' for a long time customer. Truly an honor to restore a piece of American Kiddie Ride history. Also, in the beginning stages of a super cool pedal car restoration. Stay tuned for updates


We're excited to start our new blog, to keep our loyal customers up to date with our exciting coin operated kiddie ride restoration projects, as well as, giving new visitors a glimpse into what we do.