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Sweet Sofas Car Furniture

Kiddie Ride Restoration

Rocket Ride - Carnival Ride

Our carnival and kiddie ride restoration of rides is all inclusive of their needs. The following is a brief description of those services, but they are not limited to these…

Carnival rides are easily broken down into three areas for their exterior cosmetic restoration. Metal, composite, and wood. Your rides metal repair and fabrication needs are met with tools and experience to repair sheet metal, metal plate, aluminum, and cast metals. Composites such as fiberglass have been widely used over many years of ride production, we can hand lay fiberglass mat in place to build up weak or missing sections of bodies. Wood repair is generally met with replacement, but there are several high tech products and procedures that can give a quality repair if necessary.Satellite Explorer

It is very common for a ride to need plating of stamped and cast parts. Although plating is “sent out” we deal with a pair of very high quality shops that we have a very healthy working relationship with. One offering standard plating services and the other offering acid copper services that can fill and smooth imperfections once thought of as un-repairable.

Most rides if equipped with fabric interiors were simple seat pans covered with thin foam and stretched with vinyl. Our skilled exclusive trim shop can duplicate Spaceship Coin Operated Ride | Ride Restorationsoriginal, upgrade, or fabricate from scratch interiors and trim items. When over restoring a ride frequently the first stop is the interior, using fine automotive coverings, we can fabricate and install any style or color necessary. Embroidery and screen-print processes also available.

Finish is after all the mark of quality. Our ride restorations sport automotive PPG quality finishes. We offer base clear multi color schemes, heavy metal flake, hand pinstripe, and hand rubbed finishes. Cut or printed signs are also offered to duplicate original or customize your ride. With access to a vinyl plotter and a high tech vinyl printer plotter we can apply graphics that will add that realistic touch. For example graphics on a coin box or safety graphics on the ride.

Electrical and mechanical service is a very demanding task. Electrical service is offered weather repair or complete replacement is necessary. Collector rides are often wired to “free play” but working coin boxes are also offered. Sound effects, lights, and ride counters are installed and re worked. Mechanical services offer repair and replacement of bushings and bearings. An on demand machine shop specializing in hand turned small parts is ready to repair those parts that just can’t be bought our of a catalog.