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Quick Facts:
  • Our automotive furniture is made from real cars, not reproductions
  • Each project is custom made to your specifications
  • We can accommodate special requests
  • Any year, make, and model Vehicle
  • World Wide Shipping Available
  • We can use your car or find one for you
  • Dealer inquiries welcome
Sweet Sofas Car Furniture

Ride Restoration Sales


For those discriminating carnival ride collectors that are always in search of that long lost ultra rare ride, or those restorations a large portion of those seen are rides in our inventory that are offered for sale. Please inquire with your needs on our Contact Us page. 'Ride Restorations' specialty is 1950's coin operated kiddie ride rockets and space ships. We inventory the Atomic, Bally, Scientific, Chicago Coin, Deco, Edwin Hall, London Partners, X07 Rocket, Rocket Patrol, Lun-a-Patrol, Satellite Explorer, and more. We also have a wide variety of animal rides (horses, elephants, and more). We offer rides in 'as is' unrestored condition through perfect restoration status.


Our facility is located west of Chicago in the northwestern corner of Illinois. We offer enclosed shipping in company trucks up to a 34’x8’. For farther distances we can create your ride in a wood create with expanded and inflating foam, shipped nationally and internationally via land, air, and sea. We also offer an international white glove service that will pick up freight here at our location transport them any distance to your home or business and set the item in place through doors, up or down stairs. An important offer for those international clients is consolidating items to make shipping more reasonable. Our facility is set up to load up to 40ft HC ocean containers.


We offer terms that can suit both big business accounting departments and individual needs. We can accept payment via cash, check, major credit cards, and secured funds. Payments and other fund transfers possible, we’d be happy to work with you for your specific needs. . .


We can assist with selling your item or collection. Our staff will provide you with an in depth appraisal and options to sell your ride. We have ties to major collectible auctions worldwide and can help take your item to that level.