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  • Man Cave Car Furniture
  • Car Couches
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Quick Facts:
  • Our automotive furniture is made from real cars, not reproductions
  • Each project is custom made to your specifications
  • We can accommodate special requests
  • Any year, make, and model Vehicle
  • World Wide Shipping Available
  • We can use your car or find one for you
  • Dealer inquiries welcome
Sweet Sofas Car Furniture

About Kiddie Ride Restorations

Ride Restorations focus is in the business of buying, selling, trading, and restoring vintage or special interest coin operated and carnival kiddie rides. Ride Restorations started in 2004 as an offshoot of 'Classic Couches' automotive furniture. The principal's set fourth for the new company shadowed those of the existing business plan; offering a friendly, knowledgeable, accessible, and fun staff that is capable of sustaining consistent high quality kiddie ride restorations at all times. An additional focus is to accommodate shipping stress free, anywhere in the world.

Owner, Joshua, has a life long passion and artistic eye for all things restoration. He choose post graduate studies at a small private school, offering courses in the restoration of the early automobile. Favorite projects at the time were 1890's horseless carriages. Moving forward from his homecoming there was a small stint in the management of an auto restoration facility but, it was not the right challenge. In early 2004 Joshua created 'Ride Restorations'.

Ride Restorations is clearly unique in the Kiddie Ride Restoration world for many reasons. The first difference is the age of rides we specialize in, 1950's and earlier. Secondly, the focus is not on animal theme rides but, rather vehicles. These rides include kiddie ride Rockets, Cars, Motorcycles, Space themes, and more. An important note to this statement is; we gladly take on any coin operated or carnival ride project no matter the size, challenge, age, or significant obstacle.

The facility that houses both 'Classic Couches' and 'Ride Restorations' consists of three main work areas:
1) Tear down, an area to contain dusty and greasy projects
2) Clean room, for polishing and finishing projects
3) Assembly area for all of the final stages of a project.

Enclosed dry storage is available to suit all of your needs. Our shop is tractor trailer accessible and houses material handling machines for all loading needs. We do use video surveillance on our property. We are capable of on site service if your project requires it.

We do exhibit at major car auctions, automotive swap meets, antique vendor shows, and other special events. The geographical emphasis is in the Midwest and Northeast United States but, are pursing opportunities in all areas.

It's important to remember, this isn't just a business... It's a passion! We enjoy conversation about all antique and special interest rides.