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Sweet Sofas Car Furniture

Coin Operated Kiddie Ride Restorations

Ride Restorations
P.O. Box 62
624 North Main Street
Chadwick, Illinois
Phone: 815-684-5310
After hours or in case of emergency (815) 238-7921
Business hours M-F 10am-5pm
Other days/hours accommodated by appointment
Email us at:

Ride Restorations specializes in the restoration, repair, and sales of Kiddie Rides. Our area of expertise is vintage coin operated rides and carnival rides. We are a one stop shop for all of your kiddie ride restoration and repair needs. Our staff can handle all aspects of the restoration process including cosmetic, mechanical, and electrical repair. Are you on a seemingly endless search for a rare ride? Check our inventory of rides, one of the largest vintage ride collections in the world. We are the place to find Kiddie Rides for Sale. We are proud to be American Kiddie Rides USA. We offer more than just kiddy rides! Our shop has great experience in pedal car restoration. Just like the items we build, the building has been re-purposed from a car restoration facility to a kiddie ride specialty shop. All of our sold merchandise and the large majority of inventory is stored indoors. Some processes are outsourced to better suited vendors including; chrome plating and painting. Our location has convenient access for multiple semi trucks at one time. Logistics support by both fork lift and articulating wheel loader. With a great volume of international business, the ride restorations location is able to load both 20' and 40' HC containers. We invite current customers and those interested to stop by and take a tour, it's interesting to see the transformation from junk ride to highly detailed restoration happen before your eyes. Although, we do not have a showroom we typically have several completed customer projects available for viewing. Along side the Ride Restorations business our facility and staff hosts the finest in car couches and other car furniture. Car furniture was invented in Chadwick, IL and has a long heritage here. We are proud to service all of your Car Furniture For Sale Needs. Come see where Kiddie Rides, Carnival Rides, and everything retro is restored.