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’Flying Superman’ Coin Operated Kiddie Ride
Pawn Stars Do America Season 2 (S2) Episode – (E 8-)

-Derby City Deals– Ride Restorations of Chadwick, Illinois is excited to announce our participation in the hit TV series ‘Pawn Stars Do America’ Season 2 Episode 8 – Our owner and chief restorer Joshua Kreuder, of Savanna, Illinois presented a vintage Al Fischer & Co. coin operated kiddie ride ‘Flying Superman’. Josh and team at Ride Restorations fully restored this vintage ride over several months.

Flying Superman Coin Operated Kiddie RideThe ’Flying Superman’ coin operated kiddie ride is truly one of those rare items that you hope to get a few chances to see in your lifetime. Kreuder says ‘We restored a wonderful example of the Flying Superman in 2016 and presented it for sale in 2017 at the Mecum Auctions Kissimmee Florida event. The ride was VERY well received and garnered a strong selling bid. That particular ride ended up at a museum in costal Florida. Since then, we’ve had many calls from potential clients hoping to find one but I didn’t know of any available in any condition. Fast forward a few years and a great friend in Washington State found the proverbial needle in a haystack! A flying superman was hiding within a shop in Las Vegas. Through a great negotiation we were able to restore a second super rare Superman Kiddie Ride.Flying Superman Coin Ride

The Ride Restorations team led by Kreuder treated the special Superman Coin Operated Kiddie Ride to a thorough restoration at the Chadwick Illinois shop. This restoration touched every last square inch and refurbished the kiddie ride to a better than new overall condition. The team added the superman theme song, underbody lighting, a modern coin mechanism, and other better than new features.

Flying Superman Coin Ride

Superman Coin Ride

Flying Superman Ride

Flying Superman

The ‘Pawn Stars’ crew reached out to Kreuder and he said the moment he took the call he knew the ride they needed to see. One photo of the Superman Kiddie Ride was all it took for them! Josh and crew member Dave took Superman on a journey leading them to Louisville Kentucky for the episode filming of ‘Pawn Stars Do America’.

Kreuder and team restore many coin operated kiddie rides, carnival rides, and pedal cars in the Chadwick Illinois location. He says their rides range from the mild to wild but, Josh admits his favorites are Coin Operated Kiddie Ride Rockets. You can learn more about Josh, the team at Ride Restorations, and see kiddie rides for sale on the web at or in person at 624 N. Main St. Chadwick, IL. 61014